Workshop 4: Growing the Creator Economy with Conrad Wadowski

Workshop 4: Growing the Creator Economy with Conrad Wadowski


Understanding other companies' playbooks behind their launch strategy and tactics for gaining traction can serve as a foundation for your own explorations. In this workshop, you'll analyze how breakout creator-focused companies gained traction and overcame the cold start problem. You'll be able describe the creator growth loop, analyze successful referral programs, and explore specific channels to target your creator persona.

About Conrad

Conrad Wadowski is the Founder of Kick, a financial sidekick that helps self-employed creators and soloprenuers save an average of $10k on their taxes–and get peace of mind to focus on what matters.

Previously, Conrad was the Co-Founder of Teachable, an education technology company that helps anyone launch their own online course. He was also an active investor in companies like Circle, Copy, Unit, Argyle, and others.

Prior to that, Conrad was the Founder of GrowHack. GrowHack was an educational program that helped founders become more technical in order to help them grow their users and revenue. The GrowHack online program was expanded to work with 2,000 students and a dozen instructors from companies like Venmo, Dropbox, and Facebook.



Create a product spec for a new feature that will impact creators.

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