Become a Teacher’s Pet

Become a Teacher’s Pet

In line with the belief that education and content should be free, while NFTs can act as a layer on top that gates what is truly scarce (time, community, status), we’re trying something new: course sponsorship NFTs that allow students to deepen their engagement with the course.

There are three tiers of NFTs, each with associated benefits/perks:


Honor Roll (0.1 ETH)

Support Li’s open-sourcing of this course, and join our course Telegram with other students.


Student of the Year (0.25 ETH)

The Honor Roll benefits, plus ability to vote on future course workshop topics (with potential live bonus session!) and priority access to future course cohorts that Li runs.


Valedictorian (2 ETH)

All tiers, plus a 30-minute 1:1 session to discuss course questions, assignments, etc.

Purchase NFT on Koop

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Forefront Web3 Creator Residency Awards and to supporting reproductive rights.

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