Workshop 2: Creator Monetization

Workshop 2: Creator Monetization


Becoming a creator is a new, coveted career path in the digital age. What frameworks guide how creators think about monetization, and which tools/platforms to use? In this module, you'll learn to answer these questions and analyze creator-focused companies through various frameworks, like effort vs. earnings, and passive vs. active income.

Workshop Objectives

Understand the landscape of creator monetization options, creator psychology when it comes to monetization, and how startups can better enable creators to meet their financial goals.


Key Terminology

  • Business Model Fit
  • 6 Creator Business Model Q’s (5 Ws and H)
  • Multi-SKU creators / portfolio of revenue
  • Earnings vs. Effort
  • Creator comp package
  • Creator middle class


Analyze a creator product through the lens of creating a larger creator middle class, or through the framework of business model fit.

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