What is Creator Economy Course?

Li’s Creator Economy Course was a live, cohort-based course that Li Jin taught in Spring 2020, produced with Maven. 150 students took the class live, including startup founders, operators from prominent creator economy companies like TikTok and Twitter, and startup investors. The course now has a waitlist of 2,000+ students.

The course covers case studies & frameworks Li synthesized and learned from studying this space closely, meeting with hundreds of companies, and actively investing in the space.

Why is Li open-sourcing all of these course materials?

Li spent 200+ hours building the materials for the first cohort of this course, and with over 2,000 students now on the waitlist, she wanted to give away the content for free so that anyone could access them on their own time.

There is a potential for more live cohorts in the future, but the emphasis will be on peer networking, interactive discussions, and exercises to help apply this content to your own work.

Who should take Creator Economy Course?

This course is designed for any builders, founders, operators, and investors interested in learning about the creator economy and building companies to better serve creators. We’ll cover case studies of how creator companies overcame the cold-start problem, monetization, creator-market fit, creator psychology, and metrics. There will be incredible guest speakers like Blake Robbins from Ludlow Ventures and Conrad Wadowski from Teachable.

(Note: This course is not designed for content creators themselves and is not about how to create content.)

Will Li teach another live cohort of the Creator Economy Course?

Potentially! Since all of the course materials are being open-sourced through this site, any future cohorts will be focused on interactive applications of the course materials, networking/community with other builders in the creator economy, and refreshing the course materials to account for the fast-changing landscape.

Is there any way to ask Li questions or go more in-depth into some of the topics?

Yes! Check out our sponsorship NFTs as a way to deepen your involvement with the course.

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